flexi-funding announced as sole finance provider for Solis Tractors UK

The partnership is confirmed between leading compact tractor importer, Solis Tractors UK and specialist agricultural finance provider, flexi-funding.

Solis Tractors UK are the sole UK importer of Solis tractors which are manufactured in India by ITL, with sales of over 800,000 tractors and compact tractors globally. flexi-funding is a niche, specialist finance company operating throughout the UK. flexi-funding work with both private individuals and businesses who need funding for purchases in the fields of agriculture, equine and commerce.

flexi-funding and Solis Tractors
Simon Shepherd, Director of flexi-funding shaking hands with Jon Buchan, Partner of Solis Tractors UK.

‘Solis are known for smart-looking machines which are easy to operate and are excellent value for money.’ says flexi-funding’s Simon Shepherd. ‘They’re a great brand for flexi-funding to partner with… as businesses based on excellence and competitive prices, we have a great deal in common.’

Solis Tractor UK’s partner Jon Buchan agrees and adds. ‘Simon’s pitch was to work with us, not for us. His business puts a great deal of effort into driving sales to partner businesses, utilising their marketing and advertising expertise. We expect great things.’

For customers looking after equestrian centres, large estates, landscapers, small holdings, football, golf and cricket clubs and large gardens and grounds, the Solis tractor range offers easy to use machines with trustworthy engines. Now combined with a flexible finance provider committed to providing the highest customer service, the Solis range is now even more accessible.

To discuss your project call Simon Shepherd on 07383 516 197
or email simon@flexi-funding.co.uk

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