Finance for Bloomfield Horseboxes

flex-funding are the official finance partner of Bloomfield Horseboxes

Bloomfields are a UK horsebox specialists and leading horsebox innovators. Financing a horsebox with flexi-funding means you get an elite equine name, together with a highly competitive deal on your funding.

Bloomfields Horseboxes recently achieved the highest level of certification for our horseboxes and can now sell and register horseboxes throughout Europe – without the need for any further testing, as they comply relevant European Legislation.

Bloomfield’s horseboxes are designed and built using strict quality guidelines. Bloomfield’s technicians create smooth, edge free, reinforced tack lockers, wheel arch covers, and fully moulded sliding partition. All our horseboxes include metallic spray paint and colour of your choice as standard and have been audited and approved by the VCA for C.O.P. (conformity of production).

It all adds up to outstanding strength, safety, and style.

Bloomfields is one of the first choices for amateurs and professionals because of the combination of outstanding build quality and ‘sensible’ pricing. Pricing which becomes even more attractive alongside flexi-funding’s customer service and flexible approach to getting you the right finance package.

To purchase a Bloomfield horsebox get in touch today!

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