Our Mortgages and Loans

The types of finance we offer.

Mortgages for agricultural and equine businesses
flexi-funding offer mortgages for farms, estates, smallholdings and agricultural businesses in the agricultural and equine sectors.

Hire Purchase
Pay a deposit then fund the outstanding balance plus interest, in regular payments over a set period to purchase outright.

Finance Lease
Lease your equipment for fixed rental payments that cover the cost of the asset, with options to continue with the lease, return or purchase the equipment at the end of the agreement.

Operating Lease
Invest in high value equipment for a set period with a residual value placed on the equipment. The rentals are lowered with options to return the equipment or continue with the lease at the end of the agreement.

Contract Hire
Lease your vehicles or equipment with an initial payment and a fixed monthly cost over an agreed period, removing uncertainty surrounding fluctuating residual values.

Refinance – Sale & HP back and Sale & Lease back
Get cashflow into your business by releasing capital from your current assets.

To discuss your project call 07383 516 197
or email simon@flexi-funding.co.uk

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